Client for 23 years

This is my fourth dog that I have had the pleasure to to train with Sue, over the past 23 years.

Since most of my dogs are rescues, they tend to come to be with various issues. Sue has helped us work through puppy problems, rescue issues and even dogs in the same household not getting along. She is always their to help even if you take a break from classes. Everyone always comments on how well mannered my dogs always are, and I have Sue to thank for that.

The biggest lesson you will learn is that there is more to training your dog than going to classes. Sue teaches you that a well behaved dog is a life long commitment and as long as you do your homework and practice, practice, practice, your dog will be a good canine citizen.

Currently I have a two year old Newfie that can’t wait to go to Advance classes with Sue. Training is a way of life and Sue keeps it fresh and fun for both your dog and you.