Beginner and advanced dog training classes are available on evenings and Saturday and  two to three new classes form per month.  To keep up on the latest classes being formed, follow our Facebook page.

Beginner Course: 
This course covers all your basic commands (and then some).  Sits, Downs, Stays, Heeling on leash, Come when called, Stand and the Finish are all taught verbally and with hand signals.  We also address things like jumping and nipping which most people and their puppies need!  Housebreaking and any other behavioral issues are addressed as well.

Advanced Course:
This course takes what you’ve learned in Beginners and gears you towards off leash work and polishing of your commands.  You will learn additional hand signals and routines as well as keeping up with your training regimen.

Private classes include all Beginner Course work and some Advanced Course work in the privacy of your home or my studio.