My husband and I have been bringing our yellow lab, Gus, to Pet Time since he was about 4 months old and we couldn’t be happier. He knows commands with just hand gestures and/or verbal cues.

I had Gus outside off-leash and a car was coming, which made me nervous. I decided to make the “sit” hand gesture, and Gus immediately sat and stayed. The person driving the car was so impressed with his obedience, that they asked how we trained him and we obviously recommended Sue at Pet Time!

As you may know, labs can be quite mischievous and Gus has definitely gotten into his fair share of trouble. Sue takes the time to speak with us on the phone when we’re worried about something our dog has gotten into, and she goes the extra mile to provide us with ways where we can prevent such issues in the future. Gus looks forward to school each week where he gets to socialize and show off his skills to his friends!

~Suzanne (Gus)