Our handsome boy Loki arrived at his forever home at 8 weeks of age on March 11, 2017! We were so excited to welcome (my son’s) OUR…. German Shepard pup (the pug not so much)!

Life quickly turned upside down with our energetic baby.

The breeder had suggested waiting for training until he was 6 months old. Fortunately I happened to have a dentist appointment and the hygienist Janine and I got to talking about puppies (the equivalent of talking about new babies), she said she had taken 3 of her dogs for training to Pet Time and highly recommended Sue. I got home and immediately found Sue’s web site and reached out. Nick and I brought Loki to class on May 6th and it was immediately clear that we had made the right decision not to wait. Loki is a bit high strung and gets very anxious.

Sue summed him up right away and gently pointed out that I was feeding his behavior! Great tip! That really changed everything for me! Since Loki is my grand dog and I am with him most, Sue suggested that I be the consistent trainer at Pet Time sessions. What I realized most about the basic training is that what Sue provides is really for us humans to be on the same page and use consistent language. Loki completed basic obedience training and we signed up for the next phase.

Sue is a very personalized trainer, even in a group setting. She encourages and corrects professionally and gives tips for us humans to enhance our at home training experience. Sue provides written examples to help follow at home as well!

Pet Smart! The smart place to bring your pet!

~Jane (Loki)