Susan is very caring of the dogs and very clear on what she expects to humans to learn on how to get their dogs to behave. And it is fun! Love taking Bear to school each week, and more importantly, Bear loves it! ~Nancy (Bear)


I had a totally out of control six-month old puggle bulldog. I tried to get rid of him twice. The first time was to a vet tech who brought him back within the hour. She never saw a dog so hyper. The second time the woman’s dog went to attack […]


My husband and I have been bringing our yellow lab, Gus, to Pet Time since he was about 4 months old and we couldn’t be happier. He knows commands with just hand gestures and/or verbal cues. I had Gus outside off-leash and a car was coming, which made me nervous. […]


Our handsome boy Loki arrived at his forever home at 8 weeks of age on March 11, 2017! We were so excited to welcome (my son’s) OUR…. German Shepard pup (the pug not so much)! Life quickly turned upside down with our energetic baby. The breeder had suggested waiting for […]

Caley & Gretta

  As Sue says “Life with your dog should be fun”! The best way to have fun is to start with an obedient dog. Sue from Pet Time is the teacher to learn from. ~Marianne (Caley)


When I first got my dog, Toby, I had never really had a puppy before so I asked my Vet what they suggested and they gave me Pet Time’s card saying that they had numerous clients who were very happy with the training their clients had gotten there. It is […]


  With Sue’s guidance and support my rambunctious, overly friendly golden girl has developed into a well behaved, polite companion who I am proud to introduce to people. She is still friendly and she loves to go to school. ~Judy (Shayna)


I have been bringing my dog Crystal to Sue for almost 13 years. Besides working wonders with Crystal’s behavior at home, Sue has helped her tremendously with socializing with other dogs. She gets so excited when she knows that she is going to school! She has made many friends at […]

Client for 23 years

This is my fourth dog that I have had the pleasure to to train with Sue, over the past 23 years. Since most of my dogs are rescues, they tend to come to be with various issues. Sue has helped us work through puppy problems, rescue issues and even dogs […]